WHY CHOOSE US?: North East HR Consultants

Geoff Peddie, S & G Engineering and Storage

Geoff Peddie, S & G Engineering and Storage

We like to stand out from the crowd.

How do we do this? Please read on.


We get to know our clients

Only by gaining your trust can we understand you and your business. Our initial consultation is free and we expect you to ask us to why you should choose us. If we can establish this initial rapport we have the basis of a long term relationship.


We tell it like it is

We take the time to find out what the issue is and we tell you what options you have. We don’t tell you what to do as that’s your decision. We also don’t tell you what we think you want to here. You get an honest assessment of the situation and the risks involved.


We also keep it simple. HR jargon is consigned to the bin. Who needs it anyway?


We work with you not for you.

Is this just playing with words? We don’t think so. Ask our clients why they like working with us and they will tell you it’s because we work with them to manage their people issues. We don’t do a job and walk away. We get as involved with the business and its owners as they want us to be. Check this out with our customers.


We save you time effort and money.

If we can’t do this why would you use us? Do I need to say anymore?


We come to you

We normally work with you on your premises to save you to time and effort. You tell us this is what you want so we are happy to oblige.


We even use real clients on our website.

We are proud of our business and we have some great clients so why not show them on our website?

It seems to us that a happy customer conveys what we do better than any stock image of smiling models.

We told you we like to stand out from the crowd didn’t we?



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