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Helen McSkimmings, Edward Watson Associates

Helen McSkimmings, Edward Watson Associates

Are you aware that you have a legal duty to carry out a general risk assessment or your premises and to introduce safe working practices and procedures?

Failure to do so can result in claims for damages from employees or penalties from the enforcing authorities in the event of an incident or accident which results in injury to your staff.


Stress and other mental illnesses are the biggest cause of absence from work in the UK and costs employers over 2 billion a year. Have you conducted a stress audit of your work force and put in place measures to alleviate the causes of stress?

If not you could be incurring unnecessary sickness absence with all the disruption and cost that this brings.


Did you know that all employers have a specific responsibility to risk asses the Health & Safety needs of lone workers and to implement safe systems of work?

A local Primary Care Trust recognised this obligation and engaged Mark David HR for assistance.

We subsequently trained over 900 community based NHS workers and their managers in lone worker safety to ensure that this corporate responsibility was met.

We offer a range of health and safety advice and information from one off Health and Safety Risk Assessments, to on-going Health and Safety support.

We can assist you with:

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments
  • Stress Audits
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Health and Safety Polices
  • Lone Worker Health and Safety Advice and Training
  • Health and Safety Employee Training


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