CASE STUDIES: North East HR Consultants

On this page you will find a few examples of how we have assisted our clients with advice and support that has made a difference to their business.

  • An established firm of accountants required a rewrite of the employee handbook to ensure that their policies and procedures were up to date. We visited them at their premises and identified their exact requirements before producing a comprehensive set of policies.


  • A client had avoided dealing with poor performance from an employee which created resentment amongst other employees. A decision was made to address the issue and it was agreed that a simple performance management system would be introduced for all employees. This was consulted on with all employees prior to its introduction and the former poor performer improved his performance considerably.


  • An employee with a bad back was absent from work for three months. It was suspected that he was undertaking work whilst on sick leave. We monitored his activity and he was seen plastering a house. He was interviewed and resigned.


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